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Saturday, December 25, 2010

Mushroom Consultant

Dear Sir
Nice to see your mail & thank you
Please check with this research Institute in India
Director, Indian Institute of Horticultural Research,
Hessaraghatta lake post, Bangalore-560 089.
web site :
Phone:  28466353/28466471
PABX :  28466420/21/22/23 Extn. 200
best wishes

From: Eric Toedter <EToedter@SOUTHMILL.COM>
Date: Friday, December 24, 2010 10:50 pm
Subject: Mushroom consultant

Dear Primary Information Services,
Kaolin Mushroom Farms is a large mushroom producer in the United
States,with Southmill Mushroom Sales being the trading entity for
 We are actively seeking a consultant that has experience with Pythium
 disease of mushrooms and Phase II tunnels (which are new in our
area) to  help us sort through a problem. 
Literature about Pythium disease in mushroom culture is limited but
 indicates that you may  have more experience with the disease than we
 have available in our area. We were in hopes that you might be
able to  recommend a consultant or someone who is sharp with both Pythium
diseaseand Phase II tunnels to help us sort through this problem.
 As a little history, we have been working with Phase II tunnel compost
 for 5 years. The initial two years of Phase II tunnel compost gave no
 problem on a year around basis. During the last 3 years, we have seen
 the problem every summer with houses filled between June 1 and October
 15th of each year. The problem is entirely absent during colder
months.The initial problem manifested itself during the spring of
2008 via an  occasional house with sporadic spots. The severity picked up strongly
 with houses filled after June 1, 2008 (a 15% drop in poundage in one
 week) and continued through October 2008. The seasonal pattern has
 continued each year thereafter. We fill houses simultaneously at four
 different locations. It is pretty typical to have the same tunnel of
 compost, or same fill day, give major problems at each location.
 Similarly, it is typical to have very good production (reduced
number of  spots) simultaneously at each location. We typically find nematodes
 associated with the spots but not always. Spots vary in size from
a few  inches across, to multiple sections of the bed.
 Any help, or suggestion, would be appreciated.
 You may reach me by phone at 610-444-4800, extension 206, or via e-
 Eric Toedter

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Training in Agribusiness

To start Agri Supply chain contact eFarm
Mrs.Srivalli, CEO, eFarm
Corporate office
no 11 Loganathan Colony, Mylapore, Chennai - 600 004

TiE Chennai

TiE Chennai
75/24 first floor
Spurtank Road
Chennai - 600031

Cluster Development - helpline?

Foundation for MSME Clusters
USO House, USO Road,
Off Shaheed Jeet Singh Marg,
6, Special Institutional Area,
New Delhi - 110067.
Tel (off): +91-11-26602885/6
Fax: +91-11-41688589/90

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Helpline for Small, Medium companies in India

Whom to contact in Government to resolve
problems of small, medium Industry in India
New arrangement

Central Bank of India

whom to contact for Help?

Helpline - Tamil Nadu

Whom to Contact in Tamil Nadu 1  For Project identification / selection - ITCOT, DIC - District industries centre, SISI - Small Industries & Service Institute, Trade & Industries Association. 
2 For registration as a small scale enterprise - DIC 
3 For Purchase of industrial Sheds / plots - SIDCO, SIPCOT & Dept. of Industries & Commerce - (for big industries) 
4 Entrepreneur Development Programme ( EDP )/Skill Training - SISI, ITCOT, KVIC, DIC, Industries Association. 
5 Project Profiles & Reports - ITCOT, SISI, TANSTIA - FNF Service Center, DIC. 
6 Finance - TIIC, SIDBI, Banks, Mahila Udayam Nidhi - MUN - Scheme for Women. For loan amount lesser than 2 lakhs – a lot of schemes are available. For food processing KVIC has some attractive schemes. Loans are also area dependant, if you start in semi urban area - 30% subsidy available. Credit Guarantee Fund Scheme is also an attractive scheme provided by the government of India. 
7 Selection of plant & machinery - TTIC, NSIC, ITCOT, Industries Associations. 
8 Marketing Links - ITCOT, Tarstia, KMC. 
9 Environment Clearance - District Environmental engineer. 
10 Sales Tax Registration - Commercial Tax Department, Service Tax & Central Excise. 
11 Import / Export - Joint / Department Director of Foreign Trade, Export Promotion Commercials, EXIM Bank. 

For more information, please log onto

Whom to contact in Delhi for small industry financing?

Delhi Financial Corporation: is to promote finance and develop industries/service activities in the small and medium scale sectors including commercial transport in the NCT, Delhi and UT Chandigarh

Whom to contact for problems in state bank of india housing loan schme?

State Bank has nodal officer at the level of AGM/GM who sits in the regional office. Find out and contact this person. Or alternatively, in for each SBI branches there is a controller who is also of AGM rank whose contact details is usually mentioned in the front section of the branch. Contact this controller. Alternatively, call up the concerned regional office and ask for the officer who controls your branch. Another option is that SBI has an online complain mechanism for its clients, so go to sbi website and file online complain. Through online complain i am not sure whether your problem will be resolved (because it depends upon so many factors) but i am sure that your problem will go to the top level, which enhances the possibility of resolution of the problem.



where to buy Garlic Peeling Machine?

Zhaoqing Fengxiang Food Machinery Co., Ltd.  No 8 HouGang Road, Zhaoqing, Guangdong, China 
Zip/Postal Code:  526060 
Telephone Number:  86-758-6819286 
Fax Number:  86-758-6819266 
Mobile:  86-13922621766 

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Entrepreneurship Development Program - online

Entrepreneurship Development Training Program which provides various Soft skills on how to start and run a manufacturing /service enterprise successfully - Take a Look

what are the incentives given in Tamil Nadu?

Micro, Small and Medium
Industries Policy 2008 and
Guidelines for Administration
of Incentives and Concessions
in the Policy - Tamil Nadu

Chennai Entrepreneurs - contacts

WHOM to contact in Chennai for getting things done for Entreprenurship project
To know contact points in other districts in Tamil nadu - Click Here

Friday, December 17, 2010